Guide to Disinfect Your Cell Phone Without Damaging It

We must admit, the cell phone is almost an extension of our anatomy and disinfect our cell phone is a priority. We take it with us everywhere to make sure we stay connected. Now, with the emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, the correct cleaning of your device is more than necessary, and should […]


Hiring a Cleaning Company

In this post we want to explain you how to hire a Cleaning Company. We are Orchid Cleaning Services, professional Cleaning Service for you in Palm Beach County and North Broward, FL. How to Hire a Cleaning Services Company? Only remember this, you are letting strangers in your home! Take the time to do some […]


Cleaning Services Tips To Help You Quick and Easy

In this post we want to give you two cleaning services tips, which we are sure will help you solve quickly at home. In the first, we want to suggest some products that can be easily obtained and that will help us a lot. Cleaning services tips on products to use quick and easy Sometimes […]


Perfect Vacuum Match for Orchid Cleaning Services

Perfect Vacuum Match Looking for the Perfect Vacuum Match for Orchid Cleaning Services. I started my company with Dirt devil Vacuums for Home Cleaning for only one reason, they were inexpensive. It took one call from a Realtor on a Saturday morning asking for help to get a property cleaned for selling. You know what […]


Tip For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Today we are giving you a simple tip to improve hygiene in your kitchen cabinets. Thank you for taking the time to watch this videos, please like and share the love! Here Are The Following Tools For Your Kitchen Cabinets Plastic Shower Curtain Pick any design that you like, make it fun and colorful! Scissors […]


How to Clean Your Sofa – Cleaning Tips

Find Out How You Can Clean Your Sofa Arms or Any Carpet Spots. Home Cleaning Tips. This time we want to talk about How to Clean Your Sofa as a Cleaning Tip. This cleaning technique is simple and can be applied to virtually any stain that you find on your sofa or carpet.  Always make […]


Why Is Our Home Cleaning Service Called Orchid Cleaning Services?

In this post we want to tell you something about our history. We want to tell you why we decided to call our company Orchid Cleaning Services:   In this video, our founder Juan Castro shares the connection between the orchid’s elegance and beauty and the commitment we have to you, our wonderful customer, to […]


Need your home cleaned?

About the Video of Orchid Cleaning Services Need your home cleaned? watch this video, meet our founder, Juan Castro. At Orchid Cleaning Service, we’re here to serve you. We promote healthy living spaces to residents in Palm Beach County and North Broward, Florida by providing top to bottom home Cleaning Services.   Customer Focused Reviews […]


Welcome to Orchid Cleaning Services

Doing Business Since 2013 in Cleaning Service Are you looking for a cleaning service near you that sanitizes and disinfects following the CDC Guidelines? We are Orchid Cleaning Services, a local professional cleaning company that is here to help you with: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Cleanings, Spring Cleaning, One Time Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Airbnb Cleaning, Move […]