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Cleaning products that should never be missing in your home

Different Cleaning Products

Today we are going to talk about the cleaning products that should not be missing in your home.

We understand that sometimes you can’t hire cleaning services, but you may want to have professional results.

Although you may not have access to specialized products and some machines or materials, you can have some things at home that are essential for cleaning.

So, what are those cleaning products that should not be missing in your home? Let’s find out!

There are products that are essential to compose your own cleaning kit. That are generally essential to give the place you want to clean an impeccable finish.

The following is a small list of cleaning products that should always be present in every home:


Cleaning products that should never be missing in your home: Degreaser or glass cleaner

These products will become your best allies when it comes to cleaning windows and mirrors. Cleaning a glass and leaving it without stains can become too complex.

A glass cleaner or a degreaser is ideal for this as it cuts the grease from hand marks, and helps to more easily remove the stains that are adhered to the surface.

Likewise, you can try some homemade mixtures, warm water with a little white vinegar works very well and very effectively for this same purpose.

Microfiber cloths

You may think that any cloth can be used to remove dust, and in theory it can be true. However, what you may not notice at first is that some surfaces are more delicate than others, making them more prone to scratches and marks.

To prevent this from happening, the best thing you can do is buy microfiber cleaning cloths, they are quite affordable and are gentle on your furniture.


Sponges are essential for many reasons, and they have multiple uses like clean the kitchen or clean different surfaces and also to clean bathroom tiles.

They are soft and come in multiple shapes and sizes, allowing for a better grip and greater comfort when using them.

In addition, given their powerful quality of absorption, they are able to maintain the foam with which you clean for the duration of your cleaning work, yes, do not forget to change them regularly, because just as they absorb foam and soap, they can absorb dirt.

Sodium bicarbonate

Is baking soda a cleaning product? Not exactly, bicarbonate has an infinity of uses, and one of them is cleaning. It’s known to have disinfectant and antibacterial properties, and to be very effective at removing stains and generally removing dirt.

So yes, baking soda is listed as a cleaning product that should be in your kit.

Rubber gloves to protect your hands

Rubber gloves are without a doubt one of those cleaning products that should not be missing in your home. They don’t remove stains, they don’t disinfect, they don’t clean, that’s true. But they help keep your hands protected from the impact that chemicals that cleaning products may have.

Not using rubber gloves when cleaning can expose you, among other things, to bacteria that naturally inhabit dirt, and to burns that are the result of prolonged exposure to the chemicals that make up the different cleaning products that we find on the market.

And if you don’t want to clean… You should hire a home cleaning company


There are many reasons why hiring a professional cleaning service may be what you need.

The jobs that cleaning companies do are very broad, so what are you waiting for? If you already have these implements at home, nothing happens, maybe a little help from time to time doesn’t hurt at all, don’t you think?

Request a quote for our service without any commitment. Enjoy our cleaning services in Palm Beach County and North Broward County, FL. The service is performed by cleaning professionals previously and constantly trained to give you the best service in the area.

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