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Disinfect the house and office thoroughly… awesome tips

Cleaning team in an office. Tips to disinfect the house and office

In this article we will give you some tips to thoroughly disinfect the house and office.

Disinfect the house and office thoroughly.

Cleaning at home is always essential, but after the health emergency caused by Covid-19, it has become more important, changing the habits of many. For this reason, at Orchid Cleaning Services we offer different types of services as the perfect solution to keep your home or office clean.

When it comes to disinfecting the house, each person has their own habits or tricks; in habits, the key to cleaning the home is not to make it a nightmare.


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How can Orchid Cleaning Services help?

Many doubts arise when it comes to disinfecting the home or office, Orchid Cleaning Services guarantees that through its Deep Cleaning Service you will be able to enjoy an impeccable residence.

And in this article we will help you know how to thoroughly disinfect your home and office. Keep reading!


Some tips to disinfect the house or office thoroughly

If despite these tips, you find it difficult to clean your home or office, remember that Orchid Cleaning Services can help you with whatever you need.

Eliminate everything that is not useful

In the first place, it is advisable to throw away everything that is not useful and hinders cleaning. Next, you need to clean the floor with a broom and sweep the entire area. Later, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, finish removing the dust. Once the floor is free of dirt, you can remove surface dust with a dry cloth.

Cleaning glass with paper

Once the dust and dirt have disappeared, it’s time to go to the windows of the home or office. To avoid stains on the glasses, it is essential that you dry them well with paper.

Bathroom and kitchen faucets

Throughout the day, the taps at home and in the office are turned on and off several times, from which a large amount of dirt accumulates.

They can not forget to clean the taps, because it will be useless to clean your hands if to turn off the tap, it is dirty.


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Electronic devices

The most used objects in everyday life are electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Because they are also exposed to all kinds of surfaces, they are a great source of dirt that should be cleaned with a damp cloth and a few drops of alcohol.


Switches in the home or office are continuously tampered with throughout the day. All hands come into contact with anything and dirt ends up there, so they must be constantly disinfected.

Keyboards and desks

The computer keyboard is one of the great sources of germs and dirt among devices, because they are used for much of the day. It’s important to clean them with a damp cloth, if possible after each day or at least once a week.

Sponges and clothes

Sponges and clothes are the best allies for cleaning, but what if they are always dirty? They are another source of dirt, germs and bacteria. In addition to being counterproductive, we drag the dirt they contain throughout the home or office. That’s why they must be washed and disinfected properly. 


Schedule a cleaning session with us and you will notice the difference. Enjoy our cleaning services in Palm Beach County and North Broward County, FL. The service is performed by cleaning professionals previously and constantly trained to give you the best service in the area.

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