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Have pets? Cleaning tips for hair and odor proof home

Family in Living Room with pet. Cleaning tips for pets Orchid Cleaning Services

Have pets? Cleaning tips. Pets bring a lot of love to our lives and make us feel happy to give us their affection and love without conditions.

However, with them also appear hair, strong odors and sometimes even traces of mud and dirt that come from the street and dirty the carpets and floors.

Does your sofa not stay clean for a long time? Are your pet’s footprints everywhere? Don’t worry, at Orchid Cleaning Services we tell you how to keep a home clean, organized and at the same time disinfected so that you can enjoy your pet’s company to the fullest.


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Have pets? Cleaning tips for carpets

Having pets you may have realized that this is possibly one of their favorite places. Which is the reason? They choose these spaces because they are warm and very comfortable for them. Always make sure to pay great care and attention to it by vacuuming it every two or three days to remove the hair and brushing it every 15 days with a mixture of soap and water.

Bad smells

Did you know that there are candles, humidifiers and even sprays to combat strong aromas like that of our pets?

Try to use them daily to aromatize the spaces in your home and enjoy a moment with a cup of coffee.

Your pet in perfect condition

The good smell of your house depends a lot on the cleanliness of your pet, so we recommend it and it is very important that in addition to filling it with love and caresses, you always keep it clean and healthy.

We understand that we cannot bathe them every day; but what we can do is clean them with special wet cloths and brush them constantly to remove loose hair and thus prevent it from falling on our floors and carpets.

Clean, clean clean

If you let your pet up on your bed or sofa, be sure to clean and shake them every day to remove any remaining hair.

We recommend aerating the spaces very well. For that reason, we suggest carrying out a deep cleaning of these places once a week.

We can also help ourselves by changing the bedding and cleaning the furniture upholstery very well.


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Do not accumulate

A tidy, clean home free of unnecessary objects makes it easy to clean all spaces, especially if we have pets.

Let us remember the advice of Mary Kondo (the guru of order) where she recommends us to discard, donate, give away or eliminate everything that does not make us happy. This tip will not only help us to achieve harmony at home, but it will also give us much more space.

Ventilate your home

We recommend opening the windows and ventilating the spaces of your house daily. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot, doing it for 5 to 10 minutes a day will be enough for the air to circulate and bad odors to come out.

Did your pet pee?

We know that when we have puppies their education process is variable. While our pet learns to relieve himself outside the home, it is normal for this type of situation to occur.

Follow these tips and remember that at Orchid Cleaning Services we make household chores flow:

Dog. Have pets? Cleaning tips for your home Orchis Cleaning Services

  • Immediately dry the surface. You can do it with absorbent towels or paper towels, do not forget to put on gloves.
  • Mix two cups with vinegar and water, and immediately clean the area.
  • You can also include a little baking soda to absorb all the smell.
  • Dry again with paper towels to finish mop the floor with the product you normally use.
  • We know that most of our clients do not have enough time to dedicate to cleaning at home.

Schedule your appointment today and don’t wait any longer to thoroughly clean your home and thus have the pleasure of having your house clean and sparkling at all times.

Providing Healthy Living Spaces Through Cleaning!

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