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How to clean the dirty walls of my home?

Man Cleaning WallHow to clean the dirty walls of my home - Orchid Cleaning Services

How to clean the dirty walls of my home? Cleaning the home is not only about aesthetics and decoration, it also has an impact on our health, both physical and mental.

For this reason, having a clean home will allow you and your family to experience a true sense of well-being at all times.

With regard to cleaning the walls of your house, have you thought that the solution to stop having dirty walls is to paint before starting to clean?

Don’t worry, it is a very frequent thought that happens when we see that dirt has taken over our walls and we believe that cleaning them will be an arduous and difficult task. Nothing is further from reality!

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At Orchid Cleaning Services we help you answer how to clean the dirty walls of your home, so that it becomes a simple task that will allow you to recover them from the dirt, stains and dust that adheres on a daily basis. In addition, we give you useful tips for the different types of walls you can have at home:

Cleaning, must be periodic: So that dirt does not accumulate on your walls, we must clean often. This way you will avoid dust and mites that can harm your health. A Deep Cleaning can be done and repeated three or four times every 6 months.

Stains on the walls: If your walls have stains, clean them once they appear, this way we will prevent them from getting worse over time. You can also hire a cleaning specialist to do this type of cleaning.

Start with the roof: Use a broom wrapped in a microfiber cloth, which can capture dust that collects in high places. You can also remove the cobwebs that form in the corners. After cleaning the ceiling now you can focus on cleaning the walls.

Remove decorative objects: We recommend that you remove all the paintings or decoration accessories that you have on the walls; We also recommend starting cleaning from the top down in a horizontal direction.

Check if the paint you have on the wall is washable: If the paint you have is washable, you can remove the stains with a sponge. You can do this by dipping the sponge in mild soap and water and wringing it out afterwards.Then you can pass a damp cloth to start removing the soap, this procedure can be repeated several times; Try not to apply too much force when rubbing, as you could remove the paint. It also prevents the sponge with which you clean from being so moist to prevent the paint from losing its color homogeneity.


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Superficial stains: Some stains do not require a complete wash. If the walls are dirty because of fingerprints or pencil you can simply remove them with an eraser or eraser. If you have tomato sauce stains, you can use white vinegar and then clean the wall with a damp cloth that is completely clean.

Colors on the walls: If your children scratch the walls with colored pencils or crayons, you can apply the following technique to remove them: Apply toothpaste, then remove the toothpaste with a cloth and finally wipe with another damp cloth. Remember that all the utensils that we use must be as clean as possible. clean as possible and should be white.

Additionally, at Orchid Cleaning Services we give you some practical advice so that you can clean your dirty walls, taking into account the characteristics and materials in which they are made:


How to clean dirty white walls?

Woman Cleaning a white wall - Orchid Cleaning ServicesWhite walls will never go out of style. Although they are easy to dirty, cleaning them is not complicated at all.

To clean dirty white walls, the first thing we must do is remove the dust so that stains do not form, then, in a bucket, place warm water and a neutral soap or mild detergent.

Now we can dip the cloth in this mixture and start rubbing the wall using circular movements. Then rinse the wall with another clean cloth and warm water, finally dry the walls with a couple of dry cloths, they can be clean towels, until the rest of the water is removed.

And that’s it, that’s it!

How to clean dirty wallpapered walls?

Woman Cleaning a papered wall - Orchid Cleaning ServicesPaper walls solve the problem of constantly painting and also add a touch of decoration to our home.

Unless it is a waterproof hanging paper, it should not be cleaned with water. You simply have to pass a dry and soft cloth to remove all the dirt, you can remove the stains with an eraser.

If your wallpapered walls have grease stains, place an absorbent paper on the affected area and then you can pass a hot iron; part of this stain will remain on the absorbent paper. This procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary to permanently remove the stain.

How to clean dirty ceramic walls?

Woman Cleaning a tile wall - Orchid Cleaning ServicesCleaning this type of wall is very easy; we can use alcohol, vinegar or a mild detergent.

We mix some of these products with water and start cleaning with a clean cloth; if there is fungus on the walls, use a disinfectant and start cleaning with the help of an old toothbrush; remember to always dry after cleaning your dirty walls.

Orchid Cleaning Services, although we do not directly carry out this type of cleaning, we help you make suggestions so that you can clean your home effectively and quickly. Remember that we have toilet and cleaning professionals.

Give us the opportunity to work in your home, get to know our services and dare to take your home cleaning to another level. Hire our service here.

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