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How to Clean Your Sofa – Cleaning Tips

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Find Out How You Can Clean Your Sofa Arms or Any Carpet Spots. Home Cleaning Tips.

This time we want to talk about How to Clean Your Sofa as a Cleaning Tip. This cleaning technique is simple and can be applied to virtually any stain that you find on your sofa or carpet. 

Always make sure to handle the heat level of the iron accordingly with the rag or white towel that you are using.

Make sure your kids are not around, since you are applying heat to the sofa arm or carpet. Remember that the heat loses the dirt particles and this is why it sticks to the white towel.

You Only need the following cleaning tools: Iron, White Rags or Towels, Cleaning Chemical (I suggest Windex).  

What can I do if it doesn’t remove the stain?

If this technique does not work, I would love to hear from you and maybe we can share different ways on how to clean Sofa Arms or stains; Please live a comment and we can test and see if it works or let me know how it goes for you.

Contact Orchid Cleaning Services to get your home clean at Palm Beach County. Home Cleaning Services. Please be aware that Orchid Cleaning Services is not responsible of any damages and you are aware to try this methods at your own risk.


Damaris and Maria were great. They were thorough and made the place look spotless. They brought their own cleaning products ( just had to supply paper towels and a garbage bag) but everything else was taken care of which made the process easy and stress free.

I also appreciated the prompt communication and responsiveness during the booking process. They wore masks and practiced social distancing as well. I am very happy with the final result and would definitely recommend! Taylor H – Yelp Reviews

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