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Perfect Vacuum Match

Looking for the Perfect Vacuum Match for Orchid Cleaning Services. I started my company with Dirt devil Vacuums for Home Cleaning for only one reason, they were inexpensive. It took one call from a Realtor on a Saturday morning asking for help to get a property cleaned for selling. You know what they say “perception is reality”, in the real estate business  cleaning services are low investments  for a greater cause; selling a home!



Going back to the story; me and my fiancé decided to give our friend a hand and cleaned the property. I have been in the housekeeping business for over 7 years and even though I worked for big corporations I never like the industrial vacuums. They are heavy, and not functional. So l looked at my fiancé and told her, I promise you I will find a better vacuum that will improve Orchid Teams’ performance and efficiency; and I came across the ”Shark Navigator Lift Away” and I  fell in love with it!

Not only does it come in purple (which matches Orchid Cleaning Services colors), but the weight (12.5 lb.) and easy operation makes it superior. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more joyful than vacuuming around your dog without stressing him/her out!

Here is why I decided to buy all my teams this vacuum:

  1. Guaranteed no loss of suction technology.
  2. Swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver.
  3. Unique detachable canister for portable cleaning convenience.
  4. Anti-allergen complete seal technology – traps 99% of dust inside the vacuum.
  5. Large capacity, bottom empty dust cup.

Visit http://www.sharkclean.com/products/2/upright-and-canister-vacuums/19/shark-navigator-lift-away/


”Juan has been so helpful and kind in setting up a cleaning service for my elderly parents. My parents are very happy with how beautiful their home looks after each cleaning. The woman that do the work for Juan are professional and do their work without a lot of disruption to my parents schedule. Highly recommend! Jo Ann Shartrand – Google Reviews

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