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Airbnb Cleaning or Vacation Rental Properties

Airbnb Cleaning or Vacation Rental Properties Orchid Cleaning Services

The owner’s background is in hospitality. He used to run housekeeping departments for JW Marriot and Residence Inn. We completely understand what is needed to wow your customers and earn that 5 star review! Your unit will be left “Hotel Style”.

What Does It Mean Hotel Style?

We will change all the linen, wash towels, leave the kitchen ready for your new guest, any items left in the refrigerator from previous guest will be taken away (Food, Clothes, Chargers, Soup, etc), bathrooms will be left will professional hotel toilet paper fold and towels arranged for “ready use”, beds will be “crispy fresh” and welcoming for your guest and of course general dusting of the house, sanitation and disinfection of bathrooms, floors, kitchen (including appliances and cabinets inside and out), dusting of window frames, baseboards, ceiling fans, and window blinds if they are reachable within a 2 step ladder and we can also clean sliding glass doors inside and out.

Quality Service

Our experience is the guarantee of our work.

Experienced Owner

Orchid Cleaning Services owner has a lot of experience on the industry. 

If you have a porch, balcony or garage we can help you with it but it can add time to our estimate. This service does not include window cleaning, we prefer to refer you to a local window cleaning company or we can help you with the inside of the windows as long as you understand that we will be cleaning them with paper towels and windex. We do not have the proper tools to clean professionally.

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Our Suggestions

We recommend for you to have a second “Par” of linen and towels; we have come across units that there is not enough time for us to wash linen and towels before the arrival of your guest.

If you have a special thing that you want us to leave for your guest like Shampoo, Soups, Hand Santizers, Candles etc we can accommodate that for you.

Service Information

  • Price :$64 per hour
  • Cleaning Hours :At least 2 hours (Depending on the size of your house it may vary)
  • Number of Cleaners :2 Cleaners
  • Visiting Hours :08.00am - 05.00pm
  • Contact :(561) 270-7222
  • E-mail :contact@orchidcs.com
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