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We work with many local realtors and we understand that “perception is reality”. Many of our Realtors hired us for the following purpose: 

Home Ready for Pictures

Get the home ready before pictures are taken. Yes, we know that photographers are magicians but nothing like having the unit clean and disinfected for picture day and ready for showing!

Cleaning Referals for You

We are also connected to local business, so if your client is in need of a handyman, floor cleaning etc we can refer them locally for you.

We Are Your Allies

Sometimes the house gets under contract and some realtors paid for the cleaning and disinfecting of the house prior closing day. It is a wow factor on the selling process and it will definitely get your clients raving about you. We will make you shine! If this is not what you are looking for, some of our realtors put us in contact with your clients and we will set up cleaning time with them. We understand the “Closing Process” and we will educate your clients when is the right time to get the unit clean.