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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Orchid Cleaning Services

This service is performed with our Steam Cleaner and it will disinfect the floor completely. Only Recommended for tile or general floor not Wood or Laminate floors. It can also be used to clean shower tile and grout. Because our machine will generate higher heat through steam the pores on the grout will open and dirt is realised.

It is recommended depending on the site or area to have grout sealed after it is cleaned. This will prevent grout to absorb dirt and with simple mopping, your floor will look great for years. Some owners prefer the grout without sealer because it does have a shine and not a natural feeling to it. Either way we are here to help you.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Orchid Cleaning Services

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When we are hired to clean shower tile and grout, it is because conventional products no longer can get the grime and mold that grows in the grout. Do not panic, it is normal in Florida that this happens. Mold is everywhere but it only grows where there is water and oxygen.

So think about it, bathtubs are the perfect recipe for mold to grow. If after grout cleaning and tile cleaning your shower does not have the results that you expect, we can refer you to a local handyman that can regrout tile or perhaps talk about remodeling your tub. Either way we will help you.

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