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The only items in a home that are not truly disinfect are carpet and furniture. With upholstery cleaning you disinfect and clean your sofas, or chairs that have fabric (Not leather). People tend to neglect this fact. Yes it is a perfect initiative to have our cleaning services in your home on a regular basis.


We have the proper tools to perform this service.

Experienced Workers

Our staff is qualified and trained to perform this type of cleaning.

It is important that at least once every quarter you have us sanitize and disinfect your carpets and upholstery. Think about all the people who come to your home who sit and use your furniture.

Now you are not sure where they were before and who they came across. Best way to fight covid is to be proactive and hiring us to clean your upholstery must be in your to do list.  

Service Information

  • Price :$It depends
  • Cleaning Hours :It depends
  • Number of Cleaners :It depends
  • Visiting Hours :08.00am - 05.00pm
  • Contact :(561) 270-7222
  • E-mail :contact@orchidcs.com
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