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Trick to remove dust from furniture in minutes

Man removing dust from Kitchen furniture Orchid Cleaning Services

Removing dust from furniture is something that more and more people put into practice and it offers very good results with little effort.

When it comes to doing housework, there is one task that is essential: wipe the dust with a cloth. The mop is something that few want to take. That’s why once you do it you want the results to be immediate. And we have a trick that can guarantee it.

The first thing you have to do is buy a towel or cloth. A product that you get in any supermarkets of the, that costs little more than a dollar.

The trick so that the powder takes longer to stay on the furniture is none other than to put a small drop of dishwasher on the towel you are going to use. Then you pass the towel in question over the furniture and the result will surprise you.


Cleaning tips

Remember that periodically on our blog and social networks, we publish cleaning tricks so that cleaning your house does not cause you a trauma or take too long.

Not surprisingly, we have less and less time and we want to spend it on things that do not make us lazy, such as doing food or cleaning the house. That is why we offer you tricks that will allow you to have everything clean in a matter of minutes and without excessive effort.

Remember, also, that having everything clean and well cared for is not synonymous with either that you have spent a lot of money or that you have invested too much time. Quite the contrary. What cleaning professionals do is use the right time and do it in an orderly and methodical way so that everything you do yields.

We hope that all the tips we publish will be of use to you.



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