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10 tips to remove dust from your house for longer

Person cleaning a table with a clothe and yellow gloves to remove dust

Eliminating dust is one of the great challenges for cleaning the home. In addition to the dirt it generates, it is also a source of problems for our health, especially due to the creation and presence of microorganisms and other pathogenic elements, such as mites, and for being a proven source of allergies.

For this reason, it is essential to keep the home clean, although it is not always easy. Lack of time, work or family means that we don’t always spend the time cleaning what our house requires.


These tricks will allow you to keep your home clean more effectively and lastingly


In the case of dust, however, we can follow a series of tips to get rid of it for longer. Here we will mention the most important ones:

Remove Dust Cleaning your house on a regular basis

As much as possible, perform deep cleaning housework on a regular basis. Think that doing it on a regular basis will prevent dust from accumulating and is a great benefit to your health.

Use fabric softener

If we prepare a special mixture with four parts of water and one part of fabric softener and apply it to a clean cloth, we can remove dust from our furniture.

Beware of blankets, curtains and cushions!

They probably always look and feel clean, but these elements of our home are a source of dirt. In addition, they are the preferred site for mites to nest. To get rid of them, it is advisable to wash and change bedding, pillow and cushion covers every week. While the curtains can be vacuumed every month and washed every 3 months.


cleaner expert removing dust from curtains


Ventilate only for 5 minutes

Much of the dust that accumulates in our house comes from the street. Therefore, to ventilate the house, try not to leave the windows open for more than 5 minutes. In addition, it is very convenient to ventilate room by room instead of letting the whole house be ventilated. Indeed, if you are going to clean the house, you must first ventilate the rooms before starting the cleaning.

Remove dust vacuuming once a week

It is a tedious task and most of us are lazy, but it is also the most effective method to get rid of dust. Therefore, it is convenient to use the vacuum cleaner at least once a week. For day-to-day use, it is enough to sweep or pass a slightly damp mop to collect the dust.

woman vaccumig dust

Clean from top to bottom

Get in the habit of dusting high surfaces before dusting low areas. If you do it the other way around, the dust will fall on the already cleaned parts and you will have to repeat the work.

Take off your shoes

Our shoes are a major source of dirt, so before entering the house make sure you clean them well. An even better option is to take off your shoes and put on special shoes to be at home. Don’t forget to vacuum your rugs and shake them every week at least.

Avoid the duster

This classic element is not the most suitable for cleaning dust, since what it does is move it from one side to another, but it does not trap it. The ideal is to replace the duster with microfiber cloths.

Lady remove dust from curtains


Remove Dust – Control humidity

You should keep your home at a humidity level between 40% and 50%. This way you will notice how the amounts of dust accumulated are much smaller.

Do not abuse small objects

It is not at all convenient to fill your house with small objects. These elements with which some people completely fill shelves and shelves end up becoming a focus of attraction for dust and, in addition, cause cleaning it to become an eternal process. We recommend keeping a collection of small objects in a cabinet with glass doors.

We help you remove dust from your home. We offer cleaning services with cleaning professionals. Request your estimate here for free and let’s prevent dust from being the owner of your house together.

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