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Guide to Disinfect Your Cell Phone Without Damaging It

Cleaning and Disinfecting a Cell Phone Orchid Cleaning Services

We must admit, the cell phone is almost an extension of our anatomy and disinfect our cell phone is a priority. We take it with us everywhere to make sure we stay connected.

Now, with the emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, the correct cleaning of your device is more than necessary, and should be a habit from now on.

Why should I clean my smartphone?

Recent studies show that surfaces such as glass (from which smartphone screens are usually made); because of the material they are made of, are ideal for viruses to proliferate.

However, it is the device with which we have the most contact, it is very important that every time we return home, we clean and disinfect it. We must extend our hand cleaning routine to that of our device!

How can you disinfect your cell phone?

To start with, we can use wipes impregnated with 70% alcohol or disinfectant wipes for the hard and non-porous surfaces of your smartphone (screen, keyboard). The trick is to let the alcohol evaporate.

Disinfecting a Cell Phone Orchid Cleaning Services If you have a spray or a bottle of alcohol, you should spray it first on the cloth (soft and lint-free), the microfiber cloths with which you clean your glasses are very useful too. Never apply this alcohol directly on the screen.

Another way to do it is to make a mixture of 60% water 40% white vinegar or rubbing alcohol, a word of caution, Apple does not recommend using rubbing alcohol on their devices however many people still favor alcohol to kill germs.

Once everything is dry, reassemble and be assured that your phone is germ-free. Be sure to do this regularly to kill whatever germs may be lurking on your phone. 

You can use this same technique to clean your tablets!

Also disinfects the Case!

It is not only important to clean and disinfect your cell phone and the screen; also that of the cover case as part of the ritual, as they are permanently in contact with your hands.

As the case are easily replaceable, you can soak them in soapy water and wipe them over to better disinfect them.

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