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Marble kitchen countertop, advantages of having one in our homes!

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The marble kitchen countertop is always one of the most used elements for the preparation and organization of food and the different dishes to serve your family or your guests.

This is one of the reasons why the material must be carefully chosen, based on resistance, quality and, of course, the design, which will allow it to be preserved in good condition over the years. In addition, we must think about choosing a material that facilitates cleaning so that your kitchen always looks shiny and impeccable.

One of the most resistant materials that also give a sophisticated style to your kitchen is marble, a metamorphic rock, which is formed from limestone rocks exposed to very high temperatures to reach its crystallization. Once polished, they achieve a natural shine, thus showing distinction and elegance compared to other materials.

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Learn about different ways to clean and keep the marble kitchen countertop in your home shiny. Learn to take care of it correctly.

Marble is one of the most used materials in kitchen countertops; and is preferred by many for the elegance it provides. But it tends to stain if you don’t take care of it properly.

Learn about the different ways, both natural and with chemical products, of how to clean marble and give it shine according to its type.

White marble kitchen countertop, cleaning naturally

To learn how to clean marble, it is vital to use half a lemon and rub it over the stained surface. Let it act 2 minutes. Mix some white vinegar with warm water and spread it over the entire area. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe vigorously to remove stains. Rinse with cold water. Repeat the process if the stain is not removed.

Cleaning with products

We recommend using a special stain remover for coffee, wine, oil and juice stains. Apply the product directly and let it act for 5 minutes. Remove with a microfiber cloth and cold water. To clean the rest of the surface, dilute in water (one cap per liter) Remember to wear gloves and goggles. Important: Do not mix with another product.

Advantages of having your marble kitchen countertop

There are many reasons why people fall in love with that special magic that marble has in our kitchen. Next, we want to tell you about some of the advantages of putting a marble countertop so that your kitchen is always at the forefront:

Marble is scratch resistant

It is one of the strongest materials and also creates a harmonious and sophisticated look; It is durable and therefore ideal to be able to carry out all the tasks in the kitchen using different utensils without damaging or scratching the counter.

Marble is heat resistant

Believe it or not, it is a material that is very resistant to high temperatures, and this is precisely one of the reasons why this material is safe for your kitchen.

Keep in mind that there are different types of marble and there are some that can burn, so we recommend that you use a protector for marble countertops to avoid damage and ensure that it always looks like new.

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They give a luxurious appearance

This material will bring elegance and style to your kitchen, because being a classic in the decoration of these spaces, it has always been associated with sophisticated and luxurious environments.


Different types of marble

Marble kitchen countertop with a black dish Orchid Cleaning Services

You can find it in many colors and designs, to the point of being able to say that there is something for everyone. They exist with a matte or polished finish, in general, people tend to choose the polished one for its shiny and elegant touch.

You must bear in mind that if you choose a type of marble of lesser value, it will not be of good quality and therefore, it will be less durable. Cheap is often expensive.

We invite you to visit a local store of these products so that the specialists can better advise you on the different types of marble and their quality. So you can choose the best so that your kitchen always looks amazing.

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  • Kate Hansen 06/30/2022

    I never knew that marble is scratch resistant! My husband and I want to get our kitchen remodeled. We’ll have to look into getting marble countertops installed in our kitchen. https://phillymarble.com/countertops/

    • OrchidCS 07/25/2022

      Kate, thank you very much for your comment. We love knowing that we help people make better decisions for their projects with our articles.

  • Bella Acorn 03/17/2023

    Thank you very much! Keep posting such kind of info on your blog. I’m really impressed by it. power wash nyc

    • OrchidCS 03/21/2023

      Thank YOU for your comment. We appreciate our customers and followers their comments about our posts. 🙂

  • countertops omaha 04/30/2023

    I absolutely love the look of marble kitchen countertops, so I was excited to come across this article on the advantages of having one in our homes. The fact that marble is heat-resistant and easy to clean makes it such a practical choice for a busy kitchen, while the unique veining patterns and colours make each piece of marble truly one-of-a-kind. I appreciate the helpful tips for maintaining and protecting the surface, as well as the advice on how to choose the right type of marble for your needs. Thanks for sharing this valuable information on marble kitchen countertops!

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